WR 400 Vs. YZ 250

Hey guys i need some advice. I have a 2000 WR 400 and i went riding this past weekend some some friends as hollister hills, and we were all racing up some hills, and i was doing fine till i road my brothers YZ250, now after riding his bike i want something more powerful, but i love my WR, i have a lot of mods on the wr but just want some more power, i have been looking at a 2002 Yz 250 to buy but don't really have the money to do it. What should i do is there any upgrades i can do, i have already had the grey wire mod, pipes, jetting, sprokets, timing, all modified to run like a YZF. Can anyone else recommend anything,What about rebuilding, and boring out? Please Help!!! Thanks is advance. :thumbsup:

If the style of riding you do is more along the lines of the yz 250, get one. the wr will never be as light and as snappy, The yz can be made to run ok in the tight trails, but the wr will chug along all day and wake up when you get to the open stuff. I don't think there is one perfect bike for all conditions, but IMO the wr 4xx , comes closest out of all the bikes. I seriously thought about a smoker, but thought about my style and what I like. I am a wide ratio thumper man to the bone. I have ridden with guys on crfs and yzfs and had them burning up their clutches. Now I once rode with a guy in some super tight stuff and he had his yz 250 dialed in for the tight stuff and he smoked me, but he is an excellent rider. I can be lazy on my wr and it will go anywhere i want. Dez, super tight 1st gear single track, open ohv parks, hill climbs etc. The wr isn't as snappy as the mx bikes but they can't lug in the woods. Think about your style and figure out which bike matches you and then go for it, don't feel guilty, the bike won't care and it is all about your enjoyment.

Hmmm, my 04 WR 450 with an FMF Q pipe and all the free mods is as fast if not faster than my buddies 02 cr 250. There is NO WAY i would take a 2 stroke over a four. Even for motorcross, I would stick with a yz or crf 450. They're not that much heavier than a 250 maybe like 10 lbs. I also like the power delivery better on 4 strokes. I'm 6'4" 200lbs and pretty strong, so a 450 to me would feel alot lighter than a 250 would feel to a smaller guy that was only like sub 6'

and 160-180 lbs. Its all about weight, height, and strength ratio. Thats another thing to think about. :thumbsup:....oh! sorry wrong icon. :devil:

yeah that is true, i love hill climbs, trail riding, anything, but not really a track guy, so here is my next question, what other upgrades can i do to make it more powerful? :thumbsup:

Big Bore kit

Port and polish, maybe. Also , if you are considering a 250 which doesnt come with a light or any of the WR accessories,

then you could also strip your bike of all unnecesary things like, lights odometer, etc. and only run 1.3 gallons in your tank. I think gas weighs like 8 lbs a gallon. By making your bike lighter it will be faster. you could loose at least 10-15 lbs off the bike if not more.

Just a suggestion. If you like the power delivery of the YZ better, maybe you should consider a YZF400 with a flywheel weight. I grew up in the mountains of Northern New Mexico riding 250 two strokes. Mostly Yamaha's, and I swore that I would never own a four stroke. That was until I rode a 99 YZF400 that a buddy of mine bought and I fell in love. It had a heavier flywheel on it to compensate for the lugging needed on tight trails, and he never had any trouble with it. It made a huge difference in the hills, and on the tight corners of the mountain trails. I bought it from him when he decided to get a CRF450 in 03, and I had it for a short month before it was stolen out of my garage. I now have a 02 WR426 and really like it, but I miss the snap of the YZF. Anyway, I am just rambling now, I hope this helps.


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