1987 XR600 Dual Carbs Please HELP!!

Hello everyone! I'am a new member to this forum. Really enjoy all the good information on here. I recently purchased a 1987 xr600 for a winter project. I got it from a small bike shop and the guy did'nt know to much about it. It has a supertrapp exhaust and a K&N filter. My question is with the dual carb set-up what is the best jet size to run in this thing. What are the stock settings? Are these carbs worth rebuilding or is their an aftermarket compamy that offers something better? The bike starts a little hard and has a hesitation right after you roll on the throttle. Other than that it revs out nicely. Could a guy use two Mikunis and a dual throttle cable? Thanks

I'd try cleaning them out well before messing with the jetting. Especially on an old bike.

A feature of the dual carbs is for the motor to bog when the throttle is whacked open from idle. There really isnt any way to fix it rather than just not do that while riding. However it shouldnt hesitate with just rolling on the throttle. Sounds like the carbs need to be cleaned and adjusted. I'd watch ebay for a Honda manual and pick one up.

I think you'd have worse luck with two Mikuni's. The throttle response would probably end up being worse. The stock duals arent exactly dual carburators, but closer to a dual barrel carb with a mechanical advance secondary. They were supposed to have the best of both worlds...good throttle respone and a good top end. With my bike at least, Honda got the top end part right. Coulda done a bit better on the throttle response part.

Ya... what he said! :thumbsup:

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