test test

me too!! Now I'm a junior member waaaaaahh. I'm glad I had 2 email addresses cause it wouldn't let me reregister using my normal address. test again!



What's that? A Yellow YZ400!!

[This message has been edited by sirhk (edited 06-19-2001).]

Hmmmm, do I need to check mine too? :)

It seems we are back on line!!!

My password works as before.


James Dean :)

Has it really been fixed? Sending this reply just to check


98 WR400 dual sport and GPS geek

had to reregister to get new password to login

Just checking that all is up and running again. Thanks Brian!


Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

testing 123

Me too....


Hi zaknavage,

You don't have an email or I would send you

this via your email... I'm glad that your a

gps geek, I'm a gps geek wanna-be at this point. Thumertalk has a lot of good discussions on the topic. The only problem is that all of your postings come up on a seach for the word gps. I was able to sort thru the list but it can get worse as you post with "GPS geek".

Thanks for all your input on the gps subject,

Robert :)

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