Will a front brake assembly from a 2001yz250f fit on my 03 yz450f?

Will a front brake assembly from a 2001 yz250f fit on my 03 yz450f?



Dan- it should fit, but the m/c may be different. Just to be sure, go to the Yamaha web page and compare the part numbers in their parts fiche. I'm guessing your problem is in your m/c if you crashed the bike on that side. I would rebuild the m/c before going to the trouble of trying a whole different brake system on it.

Did some diggin', and the part numbers are different. However, the 03 250F matches the 03 450F. Regardless, the 01 stuff should still fit on your bike.

Master Cylinder / Caliper

01 250F- 5MV-W2587-00-00 / 5MV-2580T-10-00

03 250F/450F- 5UN-W2587-00-00 / 5UN-2580T-00-00

Ihavefoundawholebrake system for $10.00 :thumbsup:

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