Save Carlsbad Raceway/ Help!!

ALL Riders:


VOLUNTEER! Attend our meeting this Wednesday night. See details below. (our link is at the bottom of page)

Invitation to Save Carlsbad Raceway Meeting!

When: Wednesday, August 25, 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Where: Miramar Speed Circuit (Go Kart Facility)

8123 Miralani Drive, San Diego


You’re invited! This is our first group meeting. The purpose is to assign roles to each of you. We’ll be giving you the latest update and share our strategy to save the Raceway. Also, and very important, please encourage and bring your friends. We can use many more dedicated team players. Volunteers are needed for 8 different committees.

We will supply you with all the guidance you need to successfully complete the tasks that are outlined, so do not feel intimidated. Time is our enemy, we need to move fast! I believe that Carlsbad Raceway REALLY can be saved, but the next 8 weeks are critical. We number approximately 80 people right now. We have a plan to build support from the public, government, and business. We can outgun the Developers!

Also, many thanks to Speed Circuit for offering us their meeting room. This location is centrally located to accommodate individuals from El Cajon to the east, San Diego to the south and Oceanside to the north. For our good friends north of Oceanside, we are still counting on you to go the distance (another 15 miles approx.) to make this meeting. We need you. Many of us will be arriving at 5:30 PM to have fun racing their Go Karts indoors! 14 laps for $20. Kids must be at least 48” tall. Make sure you bring shoes…no sandals, everything else is supplied. Bring the family and have fun too!

If you can, please let us know by e-mail if you’ll be attending.

We look forward to seeing you!

Bruce Santourian,

Chairman of the “Save Carlsbad Raceway Committee” (check out our Web Site!)

760-754-3811 (bus)

760-419-6317 (cell)

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