What is the difference in the Decals for the YZ and the WR? Do the YZ decals fit the WR, or are they too small? I would really like to have a set of the TT decals, but I fear that I am going to have to wait until they are available for the WR. Unless there is little enough difference that the YZ stickers would look ok on the WR. Anyone have any idea? Thanks,


It will depend on the years. I know prior to the 03/04 models, there was a big difference, ie tank shape/size radiator scoops different etc. But the 03/04 is much closer, scoops the same now. Should be the same

'03/'04 wr shrouds are not the same as the yz. close, but not the same. kinda dissapointed the tt graphics don't come for the wr also.

the people that do TT graphics are

at least i think that anyway

but if you like the TT ones

you will love the ones available on hte site. and if you still dont like any, they customise them to any design you want. im gettin some sweet babes on mine for my soon to be 04wr450

Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it.


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