some opinions one a dune riding bike

i was wondering what type of dune bike i should get a 250 2 stroke or a 450 4 stroke. i like the 250 because im light and the bike is lighter than the 450. but the 450 everybody says is a hill climbing machine. any help on which brand 250 2 strokes or 450 4 strokes. thnks :thumbsup::devil::awww::lol::D

I've done a lot of riding in the dunes and I would definitely go with the YZ450 over any 250 two stroke. The one advantage the two strokes have is lighter weight, but sand robs a lot of power, and I prefer the 450's. Besides my current bike, I've owned a couple of 250's, and a KTM 300, but my YZ is without a doubt the best bike I've ever had for the dunes!

as far as which brand for the 4strokes, they are all about the same. i rode an 04 crf450 and the only differences between i noticed was that the power felt a litte different and the handling was better than my yz. it just depends on what color you like

My yz450 rips in the sand. I love it. I'll ride wheelies around bowls in 4th gear easily. I've riden a lot of 2 strokes out there and I definitely enjoyed a powerful 4 stroke more. :thumbsup:

as far as which brand for the 4strokes, they are all about the same.

Oh, far from, says I. There's only three, and of those, only two most of us can afford. The BIG KTMs are pretty neat in their own way, but pricey and expensive to repair. The Honda is not as powerful as a the YZ, but it is easier to ride hard, which is weird, 'cause it doesn't end up going faster. It feels smaller and slightly more crowded. I don't like a couple of technical things about the engine.

I ride a YZ450F because I thought it was better than the other 2, and I haven't changed my mind. I agree with Dave that sand takes power, and a lot of power across a wide powerband makes a big thumper a great choice. They really aren't that much heavier than a 250, either, but the weight is a little higher.

Of course, there was my old CR500....

i ride at dunmont dunes and am also wondering which bike would be the best for racing up comp. hill. and any mods that would help for each bike


I ride sand mountain,nv on a 03 yz 450 with one tooth down on front. It rips up comp hill I weigh 250 and I am taking the 500's by at least two bikes and 250's by well i dont know they are back there a waise. Definitly a 450 with my fat a#% they are clocking me at 53 mph with most quads at 35mph it pulls the hill in fourth gear with no prob.

I was up at sand mountain last year and I smoked a guy on a CR300 and another guy on a built Banshee. I was on my stock 426. The Banshee guy was kinda mad at me, he had about 20k in that thing and my stock bike beat him. I went up 2 on the back sprocket and this thing pulls great on the hills. :thumbsup:

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