twin air power flow

thinkin of gettin one ,anybody use it?i know it will increase top end but will it come at a sacrifice to the bottom? :thumbsup: and could you just get a replacement filter(with the backfire protection) and cut the screen out of the stock unit? it seems stiff enough to withstand it. :devil:

I like the twin air filters. I have had 2 for over a year. I clean and rotate them every ride. They are very tough and do not fall apart like the stock unit does at the seams. They are smaller than stock and flow very well. I did not notice a HP increase. I think they make a version that allows you to remove the fire screen. Just dont know how much you will get.

ya i'm talkin about the one with the alum. cage and no firescreen. is the backfire proof filter the same size as stock? because you could just cut the screen out of the stock plastic cage and save mega bucks for the same effect($39 compared to $99) i was wondering about bottom end loss though? :thumbsup:

i was wondering about bottom end loss though? :devil:

There will be no power difference on the top or the bottom. It's just a really well made filter that will last longer than the stocker, nothing else. :thumbsup:

I cut the screen out of mine...I run UNI filters and have never had one catch fire on a backfire. When I bought a UNI for my 85 XR600, it came with a frame that had no screen, ran it for years with no problem....

It was a PITA, though, getting all the wire pieces out... :thumbsup:

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