650R catch can

I'm looking at putting a catch can on the super-thumper so I can ride SuperMoto tracks from time to time (Track requirement I guess...)

The crank breather routs up into the air box, so thats ok where its at, right?

I have room on the right hand side under the water pump to place a can, I'd have to lenghthen the carb hoses and re-route the coolant. I'm thinking of taking the carb hoses down and around the left side of the jug and right along the rad hose... Does this sound good?

Anyone else out there with a 650R with a catch can that can post pics?

I mounted my RACE READY catch can on the left side of the bike.drilled and tapped two hole into the frame just above the countershaft sprocket and all the carb hoses go into that.the crankcase has a K&N breather filter clamped right onto the vent pipe.If i can figure out how to post an image i will do so otherwise give me your e-mail address and i can send an attachment

I'd love to see how you did it,



you should have the photos by now,if not let me know.

Got em, Thank you!

I may do the same... Nice looking bike by the way...


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