WEEP HOLE,driving me nuts

Hello,I think I am going to freak out if I don't get this leaking water pump problem solved...I have a wr 450 2003,can't seem to get water pump to seal up,New shaft,oil seal,water seal,and rad.cap.Replaced the seals and still its leaking out of the weap hole.So I got another set and did it again thinking that maybe I nicked one of the seals,same problem.Then got a cap thinking that maybe it was bad,same thing leaking out of the weep hole.I lose almost all of my coolant in the rear overflow in about 15 mins of riding.The only coolant that I can see is from the weep hole,nothing from the hoses from under the bike,so what do you guys think?Please help before my head blows up... :awww::devil::thumbsup:

Sounds like there is damage on the surface where the water seal seats. Just place a dab of high temp silicone sealant on the outside of the seal mating surface Reasemble and let dry overnight before putting the case back on. That will fix your problem. Seal and outer mating surface are not matching up. Make sure you put the seal in the right direction. :thumbsup: Dont forget to put white Lithium grease on the inside around the seal and on the shaft during assembly with the seal.

Thanks, Indy I did check the mating surfaces and they seem to be in good shape,but I will try the high temp. sealant...So does anybody think it could be something else.Could the bearing be bad,I do have abit of play in the shaft from side to side,about 1 or 2mm...

I think the play is normal If the bearing is sloppy you will wear on the seals harder but it should not happen instantly! Try the silicone and you should have it fixed. :thumbsup:

Mine 03 did the samething. I replaced the seal several times. Finally I found a small burr on the shaft. The burr would nick the seal. I replaced the shaft and the problem has never came back.

Indy knows the WR inside and out. Im amazed by his info. Thanks Indy! :devil::thumbsup::awww:

Its only because I have over 9,000 miles in the last 20 months on my WR450. :thumbsup: I have done so much maintenance on this bike. She may not look pretty any more but she runs like a champ! :devil:

I took the day off tomarrow to solve this problem.Hell or high water it will be fixed,thanks Indy your always a big help.I will fill you in on the results.

So I used sealant,no good.It seems than the bike heats up and blows by the water seal but does not pop the rad. cap.Should'nt it push into the overflow tank,I did check to make sure the line from the rad is free and clear by pulling it off and blowing through it with my mouth.At this point I'm not sure what to do,Indy what do you think about your aftermarket water pump,do you think this could help?

The aftermarket pump is only an impellar and cover your seal and shaft remain the same. I am at a loss why you are getting so much pressure in your system or a weak seal with a new shaft and seal. :awww::devil::thumbsup:

Hmm, interesting thread. I was riding last week and one guy with an '04 had enough coolant coming out to alarm him and he said even lowered the level of his overflow. He looked at my '04 weep hole and I had a drop or two coming out too, but my overflow level seemed okay. Can I assume that a little weeping is normal?

dbone told me he had installed the seal backwards and everything is OK now. It is not normal to leak from the weep hole. But it is normal to replace the seal and shaft once a year. No lube gets to that seal and it cuts a groove into the shaft. :thumbsup:

Yea,Indy is right I'm a jackazz an installed the seal wrong way,it should be spring to the outside"water side".But the guy at my dealership said that they have come from Yamaha installed backward,they remove the cover and turn them over because of a slow weep.Indy did say something about this in his first post,but I thought it was correct because I put it back the way it was removed.Whatever it runs great with no leak,Thanks Indy :thumbsup:

My friends 98 wr 400 was doing the same thing. He replaced water pump shaft, impeller the whole works. Still leaking when he took it home. Called the mechanic back and he said to make sure the hose coming off your radiator by the radiator cap was clear. My friend took his off and found is was plum full of grass and dirt. Blew it out and hasn't had a problem since :thumbsup:

I just did my shaft (the water pupe one that is :thumbsup:), seals and bearing. Only did the bearing because to remove the seal you have to drive the bearing out from the inner race. No problems at all. Took me long enough to work out where the water has been escaping though. Would lose about 1/2 inch out of the overflow each ride.

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