4-Stroke Rubber

Does anybody use the Pirelli MT-18 rear, 120/100-18, which is billed as a "4 stroke" tire?

Is it worth the extra bones, or is it all marketing hype?


Marketing B.S. Freezer. Alot of guys are happy with the Dunlop 756's I run Michelin S12's front and rear and love them. Some guys mix the M12 on the back and S12 on the front. M stands for intermediate terrain and S for soft. I have heard the Pirelli's stick good but tend to chunk easy. I had MT-21's on my bike when I got it but they were wasted from road riding. I heard nothing but good things about the S12's so I went with them. MT-18's were on my list though.


'00 WR 400

Western Fab Insert, YZ timed, airbox lid removed, YZ throttle stop, Michelin S12's, UFO YZ plastic

I havent ran the MT 18 on my bike but have on a few of my mates CR 500's and a KX 250 they grip "ok" but dont last long. The rep for our shop told me that theu were designed for a Weekend Warrior who wanted to save money rather than but a race tyre.

I run Mitchelin Desert front and mix and match the rear I will probly run a Pirelli MT 44 on the rear next, after i wear out the re-tread on it now

I have two friends that run the MT-18 in a combination of Hard Packed Clay and Sand. They're happy for the most part with the level of wear and grip. I run the D756 on my WR, The only problem with it is that I ride hard and go through 2 a year vs 1 a year that everyone else does. It performs great in both wet and dry conditions. The only drawback is that in the mountains where the terrain changes from hard to loose while hill climbing the 756 tends to be overly aggressive and can break loose at the drop of a hat. My friends say basically the same about the MT-18. They have not had the chunking problem reported here earlier.

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