OK you WR guys let me have it

I ride a 99 CR 500, that is set up for off road.

I ride good old fashioned difficult Montana singletrack and race(Vet A) as much as possible in GP's, very occasional mx and enduro. I love the bike, but it is a beast and the power is just too much for serious racing.

I rode a friends 04WR450F, that is only slightly modified (mainly just the pipe insert changed I think)

I really enjoyed riding it! However, it did cough and stall on me on a mountain trail, and it was underpowered, but everything is compared to my CR. I am seriously considering a 05 but:

1. It doesnt seem to have the chug power of my CR...is this just a matter of getting used to the fact that it doesnt respond off of dead idle? Funny final gearing?

2. What silencer setups for quiet riding? Those four stroke exhaust systems sure are cool, but holy crap are they expensive!

3. How are the WR's holding up to serious racing? I ride hard but am able to conserve the bike, and the CR is one tank of a bike. No matter how tough I am on it, it craves more...and holds up!

4. Is it just me or is the yamaha tranny far inferior to the Honda's?

Thanks for any info!

as with any toy you must modify to fit your needs! and as with most toys this ain't cheap! after much research and development my wr is better than anything i've ever rode. power delivery,rpm range, suspension,ergos all highly tunable to your taste,this bike has the most crap available for it (many yz parts fit it also) than i've ever had available since i've started riding some 30 yrs ago! its kind of addicting. my bike is set up for bottom end on tight trails and beleive me its not lacking anywhere! as far as the tranny i've not heard of any serious desighn issues or mechanical failures. my last xr 600 went through 2 second gears in a year. an xr 650 i had lost everything in the tranny(grenaded just goin along in 3rd) honda would not fix it even under warranty because they claimed it was abused,BS. i had a IT 490,that tranny never missed a shift after 3yrs of hammering. so i'd say the tranny in the wr is ok. :thumbsup::devil:

The WR comes with a throttle stop that only allows about half throttle. If you modify the exhaust, you also need to modify the ignition timing by clipping the gray wire. You can also install a YZF exhaust cam for more top end power.

It still wouldn't hang with a CR500 though. I've ridden one of them bad boys. :thumbsup:

Mine chugs like crazy right off the bottom at 6mph! It can walk up steep climbs from idle without having to fan the clutch! :thumbsup: Not enough power? :devil:

A 2 stroke feels faster. They pick up rpms quicker. I don't know if they are faster, I never had a big 2 stroke and a 4 stroke side by side.

I just dumped my 440 2 stroke for a wr 450. I think you could get friendly with a wr. :thumbsup:

OK #28 I live in missoula MT and I ride a WR426f. My bike rips off the bottom although for me my bike is a constant work in progress. I like to tinker so... I don't have much more than the standard free mods but I have tinkered enough to get rid of the pesky off idle bog, which makes a great difference in low end performance. I ride in the occational gp in fact I am thinking of going to the one this weekend in Great falls (I think that is where it is at or it might be in Helena but that may be next month). Anyway I was like you comming off a KX500 and I though that four strokes were dogs but now I would not give up my WR for a two sroke ever. These bikes are gluttons for punishment and mine has taken everything I have ever given and I have never been stranded even when I have wrecked and my handlebars are trashed :awww: If you live close by maybe we could get together and go for a ride. :thumbsup::devil:

Question 1- Your friends bike must not be setup right if it doesn't chug off the bottom. Thats one of the big plus of the WR's.

Question 2- I have a FMF Q that makes it under 96 DB and makes decent power. All of the options out there are going to take away a little power. I have tried several inserts, and they are cheaper, but they even take more power away.

Question 3- I too race in the Vet A class, enduros. I did all of last season on mine. I do 2 series also, plus well over a thousand miles of practice and play. I have never done any more than normal maintaince stuff. Indy is the milage king though.

Question 4- Never had a Honda but the tranny seems to be holding up well, shifts well. Never had to replace any tranny parts (knock on wood).

Good luck with your decision.

I had a 96 KX500 and I love my Wr450, its a different beast thats all, you will have to set it up for you and get used to it and you will never miss the two-stroke!

I had a 96 KX500 and I love my Wr450, its a different beast thats all, you will have to set it up for you and get used to it and you will never miss the two-stroke!

I too had a 1996 KX500! Loved the purple plastic...hehe. :devil: One thing about the 500 2-stroke is by the end of the day it was all I could do to hang on to it!! I bought a 02 WR426 having never ridden one and worried that it wouldn't stack up to the 500. Except for in the sand (and hillclimbing) the WR is everything the 500 was and more. Plus, it's easier to ride. Bye-bye KX...Hello WR's! :awww::thumbsup:

you dont need to clip the grey wire if u modify the exahust but im sure it will help over all if you want it to be stacked up against your cr

The WR's are sold as 49 states EPA compliant so there are a lot of compromises made in the jetting and exhaust system. If you do the mod's and swap in a YZ cam the WR will flat outrun any of the other 450's (YZ/CRF). One of my friends used to have a CR500 before he bought a CRF and while it couldn't always hang with it my mod'd 426 would do a respectable job against it. The 450 is even better. There is a ton of potential in these bikes. IMO the most important changes to make are jetting, exhaust & cam (and the throttle stop of course). The grey wire mod and some of the others do help but don't yield that significant of an improvement.

Only clip the the grey wire if you want your bike to run closer to YZ spec, and do the throttle stop mod if you want full throttle, like you might want it some time. :thumbsup:

My 450 will chug up anything at a crawl speed. Like a tractor. Maybe the bike you rode wasn't set up right?

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