is it possible to remove a link or two

Hey All,

I have ordered a new chain, but don't think it will get here in time for this weekends ride. Since my chain is loose and axle is next to the last index mark on the chain/axle block, can I grind off a link to shorten the chain?


Please don't get crazy if this is a stupid question!

Well, it's possible, but you would need to go to the cycle store and get the necessary tool to press on a new pin and roller. There is no master link on a stock XR650R so if you cut a link, it'll have to be pressed back using that tool and a new pin.

A worn out chain is going to eat your sprockets also. And worn out sprockets are going to eat a new chain.

Good luck with it whatever you do man. :thumbsup:

I realize the importance of swapping both chain and sprockets as a unit, but as I stated I wanted to ride this weekend and my new combo will not arrive on time. BTW, my chain has a master link, so I figured grinding a link and popping it out would not harm things that were going to be replaced.


Yeah, just grind down the pin flush with the side plate. Open a vice wide enough for the pin to slide through, & line up the chain along the vice, with the pins down in the "groove" of the slightly open vise & drive the pin through. You can also do this on a block of wood that you drill a small hole in for the pin to push through the chain into. Piece o' cake. :thumbsup::devil:

think this is safe idea to run?


I just grind down the pin and punch it out the other side. The chain can be used again if you get a master link. That honda chain is like 200 bucks. Best chain I had on my pig though.

Off Topic-Chan you doing the Gnarly dude? PM me and we'll talk abou it.

Its no different than what you have now.

Tim, I am not doing the Gnarly Dude, but we will definitely hook up soon. I will keep next Friday in mind.

I removed a link, now the chain is slightly tight. I guess I'll have to take a spin downtown to loosen it up again. Will this thing continue to stretch?

Thanks for the help.

OT timBrp, I pm'd you!


Does the Tera Flex limit you from moving the rear wheel forward? :thumbsup:

it seems to be rubbing a little now that the tire is forward, so I hope the chain stretches a little before sunday's ride. If it matters, the tera rubbed ever so slightly with the axle markers a little past (towards rear) the next to last marks.


Mine has the stock chain. 13 tooth and 51 rear and I am a little forward of the middle of the adjustment range with the Tera. No rubbing

is it possible one of my get-offs has bent something? like the swing arm? I followed the xr650 FAQ about measuring from swingarm pivot to axle center when adjusting chain and tera rubs on right side ever so slightly. Maybe something is tweaked wrong.


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