kickstarter, I have a problem

After I ride a good moto, my kick starter seems to be catching, it is moving back and fourth,like the gear is trying to catch, has anyone else had any problems, It only seems to do it when it's hot, it still works fine, it also only does it when it's at a idle, if you rev it up it stops, but it don't look good and it sounds even worse. 2004 yzf 450 with lots of hours!

Is the starter rotating, that is, jerking fore and aft, or is the shaft chucking in and out of the case?

If I understand your complaint, there is a possibility that there could be a chunk of something wedged in the teeth of one of the gears involved (there are 3), or a broken tooth, which seems less likely. All of it is under the clutch side engine cover, outside of the crankcases, so you can pretty easily get in there and check it out.

The starter is rotating, or trying to rotate, it's not going in or out at all. just kinda rattling in a back and forth motion, counterclockwise a little, than the internal spring kicks it back up clockwise.all real rapid.

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