Looking at getting a YZF

I currently own a 2003 CRF450. I love the bike but with 2 years of racing on it, things are going to start costing money. I work at a yamaha dealership and my boss is pressuring me to get a YZF. I have yet to ride one but am not tottally adverse to getting one. Especially at cost.

Any inherant problems with the 450's and how is it in the tight slow trails? :thumbsup:

I had a hard time riding my 01 YZ426 on tight trails and its a 5 speed. I installed a Z-start auto clutch and all my problems where solved. :thumbsup: Now it works great for everything.

I have not heard of many problems with the 450s, maybe someone else could chime in and help out?

the biggest difference you will probably notice is the way it feels to ride. i have liked the yzf better from the start because it felt more comfortable. the other thing you'll probably notice is that the yzf motor has a little more bite than the crf, best thing would be to go and ride one. price is better, even with out the deal you'd get at the shop, they are still cheaper. :thumbsup:

The motor definetly goes to the Yamaha...much more snappy and in my opinion pulls harder and longer than the CRFs...but....the CRFs i think have much better cornering ability and their suspension is something that the YZs could only be after several hundreds of dollars of suspension work. Both bikes are plenty fast enough for most anyone and shine in their own areas...I would personally ride one before i commited to buying. Thats my two pesos...

Both stellar examples of the craft, but they are different. I think the YZ feels roomier, corners and steers better, and is much quicker off corners. The Honda feels lighter (even though it's not, really), has nicer stock suspension, and is a little easier to ride, although I feel a little cramped on one. You decide.

As far as technical things go, I like the dry sump oiling system better than the Honda's wet sump for a variety of reasons. One of those is that it is more likely to have an uninterrupted supply of oil to the feed pump while it's bouncing around, or in an "unusual attitude". The YZ has to be beyond horizontal before the pump loses contact, while the Honda just has to lay down. The YZ carries twice as much oil, too. It's easier than you think to make 700cc of oil just disappear.

From what I see, the 450s are following right along with the reputation for reliability that started with the YZ400. They're a brick. As long as you don't overtorque the camshaft caps when and if you adjust the valves, it's hard to screw them up on purpose.

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