wr450f 2005

Hi guys

does anyone know the release dates for the new 05 wr450f?

preferably the australian release date, but i think that will be a while after their released in the US. So if you's have at least a release date for the US it might give me an idea of the Aussie date

cheers guys!

btw, you guys should try and come out here to outback aus...sweeeeet trail riding!

Hey foulass, I dont want to ask where that name came from! :devil:

I'm on the gold coast, the riding must be awesome out west, where r u?

It's gettin pretty stuffed around the coast. :thumbsup:

05 wr's, got no idea.

Talk to u!

im in outback nsw. Broken Hill.

its pretty sweet. fairly small city in the middle of nowhere, 20000 people and the town is just surrounded in trails. theres so many, i been ridin for the last 3 years and still havent ridden them all.

a lot of open ground trails, being in the desert, so lots of long fast tracks. clay pans, old dams (great for jumps)

yeah its great to just finish work, jump on ya bike and go for a ride for an hour or so and stay within 10 minutes of home.

as for foulass, its a take off of my last name. kindof a nickname. lol.

id love to do heffos DETOUR trips up in qld there.

hey fellow aussies,

yer Im keen as well to try out heffos tours, but i think he is based in Kiama, south coast of sydney. Any one keen to try out the cape york tours. friend of mine done one and said it rocked :thumbsup:

I thought you got the name after you ate those vegemite sandwiches.

I'd love to do a heffo's ride myself. Wives, kids, renovations, families and all that other stuff u'v got to do in life just holds me back to much!

yeah your right. i just got heffos and cape york tours mixed up. as for the vegemite.......VEGEMITE ROCKS! only true aussies eat it.

i think you should do the tour. save up and go on your own getaway holiday from the kids and wife. itl put another 5 years on ya life. i reckon anywayz

so i guess no one knows when the 05 models are being released?

yer sorry dude,

can't help you on the release dates, maybe better off asking at one of your local dealers :thumbsup:

The wife has given me permission to save up and go to new zealand for a tour :devil: can't wait

The 05 models are just filtering through to the US dealers now...

Look at the Australian release date as November (ish) :thumbsup::devil:


Went into my local dealer the other day and the 05 2 strokes are already here with the 4 strokes soon to follow. Within a month or so apparently. Yam Aus will be rushing them given theve sold out of all 450's.

sweet thanks guys

i was plannin to buy a new 04 soon but i think ill see if i can reserve a 05 and get that at the end of the year hopefully. who knows!

yeah the NZ tours look awesome!!

im goin over next year but for a snowboardin holiday

stil should be great.

I was just at my dealer today with a buddy looking for an 05 WR and they said November for the WR. The 2 strokes always come out sooner. Hope this helps!

Hey foulass here in central california there supposed to be here the first week of september.I checked with my local dealer he's talking $6,399 plus tax.hope that helps some later :thumbsup:

cheers guys :thumbsup:

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