Heat Shield

G'day. anyone know of a good source to get a heatshield for a wrf400? they wany $100 for one here in aus?

maybe someone has a second hand one?

I hear Unabiker are making carbon fibre/kevlar ones for the drz, wrs maybe?

Cheers - Brett :thumbsup:

after a lot of internet search and reading posts, I ended up with an e-line. Longer protection and had a buldge for my powerbomb. The priamry reason I chose it is that it self mounts and does not require there to be the prewelded posts that are on the stock header. The powerbomb has no mounts. I was always leavign melted plastic on the header without it and now do not. Was about $100 US. Woudl certainly recommend it.

I have an extra one off my '03. Will it fit? If so its yours. :thumbsup::devil:

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