Picking up 05 next week

Should have it Wed or Thurs.

Already?????????? Dang!!!!!

What are you getting? 250F or 450F

Send some pics dude..that's an order!!!! :thumbsup:

Getting a YZF 450. Mission Motorsports here in Ca has gotten two and they have already been sold and picked up for probably about 7100-7200 OTD. I ordered mine from International Motorcycle Brokers for 6100. They have 6 in stock

Sparky give us a real test on the 05....+7000.00 out the door?????????man you guys pay way too much for Jap Bikes...... :thumbsup:

I should be riding a week from Sunday at Cahuilla Creek MX. I'll report back. Trying to get all of my stuff on order, top clamp, stabalizer, sprockets, ect.. The bike is coming in a crate, so I am pretty stoked about that, Gonna do all the mods at onece

Also, I am a Vet Jr. rider, not the most knowledgeable, but I'll give as detailed info as I can :thumbsup:

What top clamp are you doing? I have a Scotts damper on my 03 CRF450 and want to buy a top clamp/bar clamp set up to run on my 04 YZ450.


I really want to go w/ the RG3. However it seems that there are some measurement issues withe the RG3 top clamp and there is not a standard package yet. RG3 is going to ship a 05 450 top clamp to GPR and they are going to machine something that will work.

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