getting the vibration out of bars?

alrighty i posted this in the mxriding techinics section but only got 2 responses so here goes.

first off here are the variables

i have a 01 426

tag protaper bars

tag top triple clamps

renthal half waffle grips

moose bark buster hand guards

tech care suspension front and rear.

type of riding

some moto x ,mostly single track trails in michigan

symptoms my hands will go numb if i ride to long. i still have energy to ride but i have to let my hands regain feeling. what can i do to reduce the vibration that cause's my hands to go numb. any help would be appreciated.



If your bike is vibrating that much then something is wrong. Last time I swapped bikes with my friends I rode both an 03' YZ250 (2-stroke) and an AF500 (CR500 motor in a CR250 frame). Compared to those bikes I can't even tell that my 426 is running it's so smooth. My hands and toes are still numb from that damn AF500, it was like holding on to an electric sander x10. But anyway, is your YZF really vibrating that much?

The next best thing I could think of to help you would be a set of those top triple clamps with rubber mounted bar mounts. There is also something called a bar snake, or something similar; basically a bit long fat string of silicone like stuff that you put into your bar and it's supposed to help soak up some of the vibration.

But seriously if your bike is vibrating that much then check it out, I don't think it should be vibrating that much. Maybe your counter balancer is one tooth off or something?

I heard something a few days ago that you can fill your bars with silicone and it will dramatically reduce vibration effects...dont know if theirs any truth to it or not, but i guess i could see it helping a little bit.

first i would say loosen up your grip when you can while riding, holding on with the grip of death will cause that too. if it is still a problem, they make bar weight inserts that go in the end of your bars to reduce vibration, also you could try a set of triple clamps with rubber mounts. :thumbsup:

no its not vibrating bad, its just when i ride for long amounts of time the vibration thats there will eventually start to numb my hands. say around 30 minutes, straight running as hard as i can. then to i know some of it might be my hands are getting weak from trying to hold on to it hehe. but it dosent affect me right away, and only when im running hard if i ease up an lolly gag along it takes alot longer say around and hour. hmmm maybe i just need to hit the gym more an build up endurace, or could i just be holding on to tight. ill try the bar snake or something like that and see if i can find if tag makes a rubber mount for thier bars.

hehe as i rite this you post loosen up your grip, i do get blisters on my hands normally near the end of a 3 hour ride or on the second day if the first day wasnt long

I had the same problem and the problem turned out to be Carpal Tunnel in my elbows, it is called Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. I had Cortizone injections in my elbows and didn't have any problems for about 4 months. If the tingling starts with your index finger and spreads to the middle it could be Carpal Tunnel, if it starts with your pinky and spreads to the middle, the problem may be Cubital Tunnel. The problem is often cause by sleeping with your arms tucked up under your pillow, it puts stress on the nerve because it is stretched. I got to the point that I figured it was too dangerous to ride in the woods because I couldn't hold on. I finished a Hare Scramble in Battle Creek this spring with no numb fingers. The bummer is deciding how often to get injections, I am going to try to limit myself to once per year. My fingers are starting to get numb again now but I ride mostly MX and I am fine for 20 minute motos.

well that sucks. now the hole sleeping that way, is that laying on your stomach with your arms up that way. or like on your side with a arm under and one over. can this be cured or helped out by sleeping another way.

as far as where the numbness starts at i cant say right now, im riding this weekend upnorth at long lake so it will be a long enough ride that i will be able to tell from which direction it starts. ill try to pay attention to it wile dogding tree's hehe i hope at least then i can start treating it. are the cortizone shots painfull, what are side affects of it, and what does it do that helps.

The sleeping position is laying on your stomach with your arms tucked tight under your head/pillow. You can sleep on your back or side and it might help if this is the cause. The cortizone injection was totally painless, they inject anesthetic with the cortizone. It takes a while because they have to do it just right but it was no big deal. My doctor recommends against surgery unless it gets much worse. Luckly my insurance covered the treatment. Where are you riding this weekend?

long lake near caddilac if you want to go just look at the thread in the "North" region forum. i and wolf child here in portage are leaving in the morning at 6 am if you want to meet us.

i sleep on my stomack but i have my arms on my sides or slightly bent, rarly up under the pillow though it seems to put my arms asleep so i dont put my arms up high like what you are decsribing.

I really like the Faast Co bar inserts. I had to drill the end holes of my hand guards out a size or two to use the tapered inserts that are included otherwise they work great on the BRP with Renthals and Moose hand guards. :thumbsup:

FASST Company... Anti-Vibration Bar inserts work very well. I have been using them for a couple of years now in my Pro Tapers and My renthal Fat Bars.... Plus for $9.99 the sell a rebuild kit to keep them at top notch quality.

They are a TT Sponsor as well.....

Tell em' Blue Thunder Racing in Atlanta sent you!

Bonzai :thumbsup:

I filled my protapers with expanding foam (the type to fill gaps in your windows) and it cut the vibration by qite a bit. Plus it only cost a few bucks :thumbsup:

hey thanks for the input, here is my plan as of yet for this

1. call around and find out if tag makes a rubber mount for thier bars.

2.get some kinda gel grips

3.get a bar snake or a fasst co bar insert.

if these dont work ill go to the last resort.

4.smak a tree so hard i dont feel my numb hands anymore

The Pro-Grip gel grips are great too! They are a little thicker than other grips but once you get used to that you will never go back! :thumbsup:

i think i put those on my wifes xr 200 they have molded in hand grip ridges on them i think 2 up in the finger area and one on the out side of the grip. i like those but i have never acutally rode her bike for extended periods of time. i know progrip makes all differnt type of gel grips i plan on getting thier brand im just not sure which model ill get yet.

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