Chain Length?

I am running the stock 14/48 on my '94 XR600R and I want to go with 14/53 since I can't find a 13 tooth front on any web sites. the stock chain is a 110 links, I am looking for the length I'll need for a 14/53 setup. I can only find 14 and 15 tooth fronts for the 600R. There are plenty of options for the XR650R but not the 600. Any help would be appreciated.

53-48=5 / 115 or 116

I guess that makes sense. I tried to make an easy change a difficult one. Excuse my stupidity. Thanks.

also 13/48 equals 14/51

I think Sprocket Specialists makes a 13 tooth for the XR600R Sprocket Specialists

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