99 YZ400 float height

Hi can anyone tell me what the stock float height is for a 99 YZ 400? It has the round floats instead of the square 426 floats. Thanks

The Stock float height is 9mm.

Here is the Clymer procedure (which actually makes sense):

>Remove Carb

>Remove Float Bowl

>Lightly touch the float to ensure the float valve is seated

>Hold the carb so the float valve remains seated, but the spring loaded pin in the valve is not being compressed by the tab on the float.

>Measure the distance from the float bowl gasket to the highest point on the float. (9mm)

>If the float height is incorrect, bend the float tab in the appropriate direction and recheck.

>Reinstall float bowl.

>Reinstall carb.

The actual procedure says to remove the float to bend the tab but if you use a tiny screwdriver or pick to adjust the tab carefully there is no need.

Just had to redo mine yesterday. :thumbsup:

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