whats it worth 2000 xr 650l

whats it worth

2000 xr650l7900 miles

good condition


may need tires and batterysoon

I bought my 2000 XRL about 1 1/2 years ago in NC. The guy was asking $3500 but took $3300. The bike had about 4000 miles on it and was in perfect stock condition. I also recently saw a 2000 for sale at $3800 out here in AZ with 7000 miles on it. I guess the answer to your question is that it depends on where you are, how bad you want the bike and how bad the guy wants to get rid of the bike. The best advice I could give is to check out traderonline.com and see what bikes are going for in your area. Most newspapers also have internet classifieds (check the big cities in your area). I narrowed my choice down to three different possible bikes and then shopped the internet for about 6mos waiting for a deal. The other big consideration would be upgrades. I wouldn't sell my bike for what I paid for it even with twice the miles on it because of all the extra time and money I've spent on it. If you want a stock bike then it's no big deal but consider any upgrades you may want to add. Big tank $250, skid plate $90, Carb kit $90,

tires $70 ea., K&N, sprockets, etc.... All these things will add value to the bike and save your Saturdays for riding :thumbsup: The last thing would be signs the bike has been taken care of. I've gone to look at used bikes where the guy had a detailed notebook for all of the five mtorcycles in his garage. Every ride, gas mileage, oil change, tire change, chain adjustment and air filter cleaning was dated and initialed by this guy. Thats worth an extra grand on a dirt bike with 8000 miles on it. I've also gone to look at bikes that were sitting in the back yard with mud from last months ride on it, RUN :devil: I really didn't mean for this to get so long but here's the straight answer you asked for, I probably wouldnt go much over 3000 for a stock 2000 XRL that needs tires and a battery if it was reasonably maintained.

I paid 2900 for my 2000 XR650L last spring. It had 5400 miles on it and looked like it was never taken off-road.

my guess is $2200 ... IF in very good condition ...

2001 XR650L with 4,737 miles on it.The bike was almost cherry and the guy delivered it to my house for me. $2,600. I replaced the rear tire and battery just due to the age. Front tire will be going soon.

Whenever you think that you missed the deal of a lifetime, be patient because another one is on the way.

I bought a 2000 650 with 6400 miles on it last month for $2100. It was in good shape but I put another couple hundred in it with new tires and bars and rejetting stuff.

I'd say 2500-3k if in real good shape.

I just paid $2500 for my '00. But thats buddy prices, super low miles, excellent condition.

I just bought a '01, completly stock, looks like newe, with 900 miles for $3200, off Ebay. Of course I had to add shipping to that.

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