2003 WR450 owners, i need your help.

Recently put on a '03 wr450 carb on my '98 wr400. Now the thing is the throttle assembly at the carb is slightly different. The '03 carb has a built on cover where the throttle cables install onto the carb and this cover only opens a gap to where the pull cable go in but where the push cable goes, the hole is enclosed so i cant push the '98 oem throttle cables in as the screw is bigger than the hole. Anyone have of pic of their throttle cables for the 2003 wr450? Originally i thought years 2000 and above cables would fit but i just saw a 426f cable and is looks the same as my '98 oem cables. A p/n for a motion pro t2 throttle cable that would fit the 2003 wr450 would also help. Thanks :thumbsup:

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