1st Tire Change

I just completed my first tire change on an 03Wr450. I followed the directions from here and things went good. The question I have is that on the back tire, about 1/4 of bead will not pop out. I have put 40+ lbs of air to try and pop it out. Do I need to put more air in, how much will they hold, or just not worry about it.


I'm sure you've read all the various things people use on the bead to get it to pop out (water, dish soap, wd-40, etc.) I personally use WD-40 and have used as much as 80+lbs of air pressure to get it to pop out! :thumbsup:

If you only ride dirt you probably won't feel it but if you ride on the road you will.

Thanks, I will try more air. Like I say, all but 1/4 of the bead popped out. I guess the tube will hold upwards of 70+ lbs?


I'm wondering if your 1/4 bead that's not coming out is where the rim lock is :thumbsup:

As a matter of fact it is where the rim lock is. I have the rim lock just barely threaded so the bead should have room to expand out.

Use windex or the foaming window stuff & hit your tire where the bead is recessed with a drift mallet...{mallet filled with sand} ofcourse 60-80 pounds of air is needed. I do this stuff for a living. Works for me & the window cleaner evaporates :thumbsup:

Keep in mind, that the air pressure in the tube will be forcing the rim lock down on the tire. I personally wouldn't worry about this too much. Is seems like the bead always looks just a smidge uneven where it's around the rim lock.

Thanks, I will try more air. Like I say, all but 1/4 of the bead popped out. I guess the tube will hold upwards of 70+ lbs?


I have been changing my own tires for 25 years as well as working at a gas station in high school and as a mechanic for INDOT and have never had to put 70# in anything other than a semi tire. I would let all the air out and examine the bead in that area, add lube if needed.

I agree with the higher pressure to pop the bead but IMHO do not use WD40 as a lubricant for rubber it doesn't work and will make it much harder to mount the tire. I had a war with a dunlop 739AT which is a very stiff tire using wd40. We finally figured out that when the WD evaporated it became a glue like substance between the tire and the rim. Use soap and water and the mounting will go fine.. If you want to go high tech get the soap they use at truck stops for mounting tires. :thumbsup::devil:

Thanks for all your help. Soap and water and roughly 60lbs of pressure and the beads popped right out.

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