Changing brake pads on an '01 426...hard?

I just bought some new brake pads for the front and hard is it to change and bleed the line? Any would be greatly appreciated.


It is very easy!! :thumbsup:

Just remove the old ones. Unscrew the the top of the brakefluid so that you can watch the level of the fluid.

Push the 2 brake cylinders back in the caliber so that the new pads can fit around the disc. While doing that watch the fluid level as it will raise. If the level raises to high remove some of it.

Put it all back together and start pumping the brake lever untill it gets hard. At all time make sure that the fluid level doesn´t get to low as air will enter the system. If done correctly you wont have to bleed it..

No its easy. There is a small slotted cap that covers the brake pin. Remove the cap. Then remove brake pin with hex wrench (I thing 5 mm). Brake pads will fall out. Put in new pads, replace and torque brake pin, replace and torque cap.

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