Thinking about selling my complete Hurricane Kit....

Just wondering if anybody would be interested?

How much is it worth?

-2.8 black gallon tank w/graphics already perfectly mounted

-2 radiator shrouds w/graphics perfectly mounted

-Yellow rear Fender New

-Yellow Front Fender(Small unnoticble scuff)

-Front Number Plate

I was thinking $210?

I have 2 rides on the whole kit???

I think if everything is in as good as condition as you state, 210 bucks would be a steal!

I will trade for stock plastics depending on the cond?

The tank alone costs $170.95 :devil: The graphics cost $199.99

I will also include the seat cover :thumbsup:

You will also get the fork guards :awww:

Send me your yz stock tank and I will give you this for $150

Here is a pic w/the cond of plastic, I will get some more pics if anyoneis interested?


Why dump the kit, your bike looks good!

I am looking to go back to the factory style look. Not sure exactly, just seeing if anyone whould be interested in it?

Well i dont want it, but i thought it did seem like a good deal...i dont even ride a yamaha! :thumbsup:

I didnt mean to imply that deal for you(I see you are on a cr) Its for everyone :thumbsup:

Yes this is a steal.

I would be totally interested in buying the hurricane kit off you. If it will fit a 2000 426 i would be more than glad to take it off ur hands. PM me if you want to sell.


they say drugs make a person indecisive.......

yea what bike is it for the 450 or the 400 426 line im not sure if the 3 bikes are interchangeble. if it will fit the 426 ill figure out a way for it.

It will fit 03-03 yz450/250f and I would also think the 03-05 Wr450/250f's :thumbsup:

damn the bad luck :thumbsup: well i tried.

It will fit a 400/426, but it's a bit more work than just bolting on new stuff. You'd also need a 450 subframe, rear master cylinder, sidepanels, and airbox.

Pavelkod sent you a PM


its a total pain in the ass to get that to fit on a 400-426, but if anybody is interested, has 3 of those kits left for the 400-426. I just bought one last week. It is awesome! And, only $150.00!!!


Am I correct that the one from Bob's is only the decal kit? or does it come with the shrouds and fenders?

Thanks. Bruce

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