'98 WR400 grey wire location?

I have looked all over the net and used the search function here, but I cannot find info on where the grey wire is located on my 1998 WR400.(alot of info on WR426/450 and 250) All I know is it's under the tank. I seen one site for the WR250 and they talk about the CDI have several looms of wires. only 2 looms contain 2 wires total. One of those 2-wire looms will have the grey wire they say.



Hey Steve,

Underneath your gas tank, under the frame, you should see a grey connector that has two wires in it. A black one and a grey one.

Pull the connector apart, pull the grey lead out of one side and turn it back into the protective sleeve.

Reconnect the connector, and ride away.

You will be really amazed at what this will provide.

Good luck!


Thanx for your advice! Hope it really does make a big difference like you say. YZ cam timing tomorrow along with the grey wire mod.


Well, how did it turn out?


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