2001 WR 426 1st gear

When going from neutral to 1st with the clutch ingaged the bike lurches forward and sometimes stalls. What can I do to correct this ??? :thumbsup:

adjust the clutch cable in the lever

My '02 did this new :thumbsup: There's a little protective boot coming off the clutch lever assembly. Pull it away from the lever, and you'll see a way to adjust it. Loosen it (screw it in?) until you have ~3/8 of an inch of free play before you start to disengage the clutch. Hope this helps!

Let the bike warm up fully before you put it into gear. The wetclutch design means the cluch has to be nice and lubricated to fully disengage. Also, hold in the clutch a for a while as it warms up to allow maximum oil to circulate over the plates. Once your bike is warm, the lurching should disapear, unless your clutch is out of adjustment in which case do what was said in above post.

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