On the road to recovery

I'm feeling much better 2 weeks since my crash, ribs are slow to heal but I'm iching to go riding this weekend just don't know if I can take the bouncing and jaring.

I went and took the mobil 1 plunge today, I hope it will serve me well it's so much easier to obtain seeing how the nearest bike shop is a 45 min drive from my house and walmart is less than 5 min away and always open.

Question for fellow riders who have done the YZ cam mod. Does the bike seem less prone to bring up the front wheel? It seems to rev conciderably quicker and has better throttle responce but I can't really tell how much faster it is if any. I did do some minor bowl and port smoothing on the head, I tried to remove as little material as possible and still get a clean radious to the seat. Oh yeah I also cut 4" off of my stock 03 YZF silencer and it seems to have helped the revs a little also. Not to pat myself on the back but I did do A really nice job, you can't even tell it had been touched other than it being shorter looks really nice. Bike pics

When in doub't giver more gas :thumbs

What no comments or answers to my question? I guess my post is invisible. :thumbsup:

Good to hear you are geting back to fitness, but take it easy and don't risk another injury before you are fully healed!!

Its a good sign you are itching to get back out there though!

Hope you feel better soon... I share your pain, I to crashed in a desert race on the 15th 3 fractured ribs, and a torn A/C shoulder. as far as the 426 info I cant help.


Matty :thumbsup:

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