WR450 airbox mods to YZ450

I have never been happy with the airfilter seal and set up on the WR450. I was extremely happy the way my 426 was. The WR426 is the same set up as the YZ450. I like the wing nut to secure the filter, plus the YZ450 filters are easier to find. The airbox on the WR450 and YZ450 are the same EXCEPT for the top (for the battery) and the guide (black reciever). The guide is attached to the airbox with a clamp. You will need to completey remove your airbox and disassemble it. This will allow access to the clamp. Loosen the clamp and replace the WR guide with the YZ guide. It is as simple as that. You will need the holder guide (air filter holder) for the YZ and the wing nut. This mod cost me 27.00 not including a yz filter. The parts are:

22-5BE-14458-00-00 Guide

13-5NY-14459-00-00 Holder guide

20-90209-06096-00 Washer

21-90122-06035-00 Bolt wing :thumbsup:

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