Custom Helmet Paint Job

Looking for someone in Southern California area who does custom helmet paint jobs? I figure this being the mecca of MX, there should be half a dozen or so right?

Anyone know where I can find someone to paint my new lid?




UM, Troy Lee Designs?! His place is in Corona. He's kind of popular...(humor).

Funny. Obvisouly Im not racing Glen Helen next month so my sponsors are....ME. So Troy Lee would be out of the question. I read somewhere that his paint jobs start at 5 bills. :thumbsup:


Yeah, his work can be pretty spendy. Pending on what you like, I'd suggest looking at some riders helmets at the local tracks, take a look at paint and graphic quality etc. Then make your descision.

Here is a basic pricing run down i yanked right from the Troy Lee site.

Custom Painted Name & Number Program

Solid Base Color Change – New solid white helmet (supplied by customer) $200.00+

Solid Base Color Change – Used or production helmet (supplied by customer) $275.00+

Starting Basic Graphics – New solid white helmet (supplied by customer) $500.00+

Starting Basic Graphics – Used or Production helmet (supplied by customer) $575.00+

Chrome Base Helmet – New solid white helmet (supplied by customer) $200.00+

Extra painted visor to match design $150.00+

Cartoons or Characters $200.00+

*Prices are estimates and will vary with each individual paint job.

*Prices do not include helmets

You could also look into a custom car paint shop (Low Riders etc) You can find some pretty talented people outside the "industry" that can do some great work at a reasonable price.

Good tip on the car industry. For what Im thinking for a paint scheme...Troy Lee would run me close to a Gspot.


This guy does incredible work! :thumbsup:

I emailed them. No mention of $$ on there website. Im sure they are right up there with TLD.

Thanks again.


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