Another air filter question

I've been finding fine dust in my air box lately after rides. Is anybody else finding this?

I oil the filter well and put a bead of grease around the edge. Whats the deal? I'm still running the stock filter, do they wear out? Should I be concerned? How do I stop it?

I get that as well once in awhile...

For sure the airbox on the 650 is horribly designed. Trying to get it to seal is always a concern.

Backfiring will toast the back side of the filer. So will repeated cleanings. If should be replaced from time to time.

Obviously that depends on your local conditions.

More rim grease--especially at the bottom corner. Make sure the o ring is seated, and the fender/cover area is properly connected...

I replaced my filter with the No Toil system after several tries with different aftermarket great.

Yeah , the design sucks. I put a bunch of grease around the rim. I lightly smeared some grease on the inside of the airbox also.

I hit it up with the grease too. What a pain to clean-up when changing filters though. I changed mine every 50 miles as I ride in lots of mud and dust, Thanks New England! I wonder why they designed it like that. I would much prefer the old metal clasp of the other xr's.

If I ride in fine talc powder with a bunch of other riders who've already made it a dust bowl, then and only then will I'll get a little bit of super fine stuff on the inside and it hasn't shown to increase my wear numbers during oil analysis. For the bulk of my off road riding, I rarely see any dust in my airbox and it's not often that I'm out in front unless I'm with my kids.

I hit it up with the grease too. What a pain to clean-up when changing filters though.

Grab a large jar of Petroleum Jelly from your wife (or significant other :devil:) and use it instead of grease. Cleans up easier and you can see where the dirt may be leaking through easier.

It goes on sale at drug stores all the time.


Thanks for all the advice, I think I'll try a new filter for the next ride and more grease.

The vasoline is a good tip.

Jack uses VVVAAAaaassssooolllliiinnnneeeee..damn song. Thanks for the tip I'll try that. That stuff would probably be better for the longevity of the oring too. I used to work in a pool store before and I'd rebuild all the filters using that stuff on the orings. :thumbsup:

Make sure the o ring is seated, and the fender/cover area is properly connected...

Where's the o-ring? When I take my filter out there's just the rim and the back fire screen. Is there supposed to be an o-ring that the filter seats against?

There's an airbox o-ring. Honda has had them back-ordered for some time.

Yeah, you're right. I totally forgot about it :thumbsup: I should not have fogotten about it because I pull that stupid thing out every other time or three when I clean my air box and its fun tying to poke it all back in evenly.

Qadsan forgot something??!! Where's my prize?? Anyhow, yeah I wanted to get one just to replace and Honda had it back-ordered. Good thing to replace to ensure a good seal. Have a good weekend guys!


I should probably order another one just to keep as a spare in addition to some other parts. Good thinking :thumbsup:

Last week I took my airbox off and took it into the bath tub with some Simple Green and a scrub brush....good times....anyway all 'she' said was 'it smells' and the dog came in and sniffed it a bit and walked out...

Life is good.

Well, I'm riding tomorrow so I got the uni filter from the nieghborhood shop with plenty of filter oil and plenty of grease. I'll let you guys know how it turns out. I left the backfire screen in with the metal insert in the filter also. It seemed a little tight getting the cover on but like I said I'll let you know If I see dust from tomorrow's ride.

I was getting a light film of dust in my air-box every time I rode. I ride in a very dusty area. I started to put the backfire screen back in the bike, even with the Uni and White Bros. filters and it seemed to fix the problem. I do not use the metal insert for the Uni. I have not noticed any significant loss in power, however, I ride tight single track and rarely get out of 4th gear.

I did notice that without the screen my filters would be very dirty mostly on the large front part of the filter. With the screen, the dirt seems to be spread out across the filter.


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