Jettting for CO and UT

Trying to get all my stuff ready for a trip to Colorado and Utah. What range of jetting should I bring? Any suggestions - 2002 xr650r "uncorked" with WB ESeries (can't remember off the top of my head, but I think 6 plates installed?)

Where in UT and CO, and what altitude?

Crashtester, it really depends on what altitudes you will be riding, and how restrictive your intake/exhaust is. My bike is uncorked and running the stock headers and silencer, BUT, in Colorado I use the modified stock exhaust tip which is cut to a 34mm opening w/spark arrestor intact.

In any case, I assume that you are riding in the mountains of Colorado and not the eastern plains, so that means your riding is going to be over 8000' in most cases. For this altitude and above, I always start with a 160 main jet and carry along a 150 and a 155. But I have had very good results using the 160 main and the stock pilot jet for colorado. No overheating problems since this is still pretty rich for that high of elevation, but it's not rich enough to make the bike sputter. Power is still good enough to dig trenches and scale any slope, even at engineer's pass in Colorado which is almost 14k.

Have fun man! I just got back from up there two weeks ago, it was awesome! Heres a pic from 10,500'.


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