Mobil Red Cap?

I just switch over to Mobil Red Cap 15W/50 since it seems like so many Yamaha owners have had good results. I just drained my oil after 3 rides and it is really dark and smells sooty. I've always used Delo 400 15W/40 and changed the oil every 3 to 4 rides and never had the oil smell or look like that. Did this synthetic just clean out my motor? Any thoughts?

I've been running it in my 98' WR for a couple of years now. I usually change about every three rides and it usually looks as good as it did when I put it in. My shifting gets notchy and I hit alot of false neutrals when I use other oils. Mobil is good stuff!! :thumbsup:

I use redcap too and get the same smell when I change my oil. I think its just the way it smells.

I use it and the oil comes out pretty black after 2 or 3 rides.

However, the crap that was in it when I got it new came out alot worse when I changed it after 3 rides. I think the M1 is still washing that crap out.

You want some nasty oil, drain it after break-in :devil: I have used Mobil 1 with the red cap since right after break-in and have nothing but praise for it. :thumbsup: Yes, it does smell different after you change the oil. I change mine every 200~300 miles. BTW, does anyone know what the YamaLube costs? I've purchased Mobil 1 with the red cap and it's $4.77 per quart from WAL-MART. Also, what does the red cap mean? I noticed some other colors, but the dealer said that the red cap is the only one to use. Is it something to do with the friction modifiers?



For what it is worth, depending on the engine configeration, motorcycle oils must be Non-Friction modified and a SG type oil. Motorcycle oils are designed to tackle the following as welll as the normal stuff:

1) Wet clutch performance

2) Gear lubrication

3) Shift feel characteristics

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