YZ450 2004 or 2005 ????

Hi all going from a 2000 wr400f to a yz. Finally making the jump into the future. The OTD price for the 2004 is $5499 at La cycles. I think thats pretty dam good. The 2005 are a hell of alot more. Is there that much of a difference. HELP!!!!! Need some sound advice. :thumbsup:

Wait until the aluminum frame 2006's come out, if you plan to spend the bigger bucks.

Otherwise, get a 2004.

not enough difference between 04 and 05 to spend that much, besides just the jump from your 00wr400 to the 04yz450 will be amazing :thumbsup: you also might want to look around here some more, this late in the year i'll bet you can get cheaper out the door than that.

There is one slightly used ('04 Demo) at the shop that I ride for. The one problem is it in Janesville, WI.

See www.shogrenmotorsports.com Look under the used section. If you want to talk about the machine call Aaron at the number listed on the website.

Check this thread was up a while ago and i don't imagine prices were going up

Yo guys thank you for the good input. Revolucien great thread. Turns out i live close to Montclair Yamaha. 2004 is the choice.I think i will try to bargain for a pipe and jet kit now any suggestions. Ive had good luck with white bros. I don't know maybe leaning towards the big gun?? :thumbsup:


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