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How long should a repair take?

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I hadn't met anyone who had had valve problems until the weekend when I got chatting to a guy who races a TC450 (he has 2). He has had three valve failures and now has ss valves in all his bikes.

I'm still pleased with my Husky. It has had allot of use this season as I have access to a practice track three times a week and have hit the trails on a regular basis, in addition to enduro and MX races. An '05 isn't on the cards but I do intend to get the engine overhauled over the winter, which may be the time to swap the valves, just in case.

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I'm sure some of you will not like this, and I know that it may sound like I'm on Husky side. That is not the case. But here it is anyway.

I agree with you for the most part.

But, this is the problem ( and it's what I hate the most about the web ). A couple of people have problems with a bike and it get pasted all over a web site. Then you have other people that don't know anything about the bike but they always remember to tell all their friends that "X" bike is junk.

To the smaller bike companies it's a killer. Just a few years back GasGas had some bikes that had main bearing problems. It was not a big problem and for the most part was taken take of. But, like everything else, some people had problem getting it fixed, others didn't. To this day, you will still hear people (that have never had a GG) tell other guys that the GG is junk and they would never have one.

From what I have seen, on this forum, there have been some problems with the valves. Most seem to have been taken care of without any problems. Then there are a few that have not been treat fairly.

The fact still remains most of the bikes & owners don't seem to have the problems that a few are having.

The big 4(5) don't care what problem you have. They are big enough that a few missed sales doesn't bother them. It's a different story for the smaller guys.



Couldn't agree with you more, or put it better.

Get off their backs, they have been the best I have ever dealt with, and I have dealt with the very same guy's.

Take some time to search the other makes.

We are riding competition bikes, we are paying way under $10k for some fantastic technology and development. Take the time to develop your own bike, and take a long look at your bank acount when your done.

We do pretty darn good for our buck guy's!

We get great product, from all the manufacture's.

Keep your chin up, I do understand what it is like not to be able to ride. :devil:

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Do you know who made the valves for his SS TC 450? And how about feedback on performance and durablility with the SS valves?

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