Precision Concepts Suspension

Had to post this, guys...It was a big "investment" for me, but having Precision Concepts do my suspension, was money well spent. Do what I did, and save your money for the work. I can't believe how well the bike rides all terrain. Unbelievable at speed, and in the rough stuff. In my book, it rivals the Scotts Stabilizer, as my "best investment"...

Good suspension that's properly setup definitely makes a difference :thumbsup:

Precision Concepts definately does a heck of a job for desert suspension. Had my YZ and one of my XR's done by them, and both work great.

If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost? I recently called up to get a quote on getting my second bike done, and got some guy who had no idea what was going on (kept having to ask someone else for help) quote me at $800+. Darn near had a heart attack... Most I ever paid was just under $500, and that was with springs. I'm beginning to wonder if their association with team Honda might be upping their popularity and possibly, their price. That would be unfortunate :devil:. Then again, I just spoke with Rob Barnum a bit ago about getting a 680 special, and he was so incredibly helpful that I think he's going to get my suspension business as well. :thumbsup:

Both Precision Concepts and Barnumspro do very good suspension mods for the BRP.

Both will put in an Eibach spring (although each use a slightly different amount of pre-load up front)

Both will of course inspect are replace worn pats as needed.

Rob has a very good shim stack. Oil height and viscosity. So does Precision Conceopts.

Precsion Concepts will put in a custom piston, and bottoming cones.

The price difference between the two is significant -- its about $800+ for Precision and about $550+ with Barnum.

Even if you are a pro--you wont go any faster on one set up over the other.

just my 2 pesos worth...

A few years ago if you were not Johnny Campbell or Tim Staab your suspension was given to the trainee bench. However, it sounds like they are doing better at Pre Con. :cry:

Nobody in our riding/racing group has return to verify. :cry:

I had Bob Bell dial in my suspension from precision concepts and he did a unbeliveably good job. I'm yet to bottom out and when pinning it through the whoops it is a super smooth ride. Love Precision Concept's work.

I fifth that. :lol:

Bob did my front suspension Johnny Campbell style (even though Johnny is slighly lighter than I... we did exactly what he has). And it works amazing!!! No more "oh my gawd..I'm gonna die... :confused:" issues when at speed and coming up on something deep and washed out. Now, I nail it and have no worrys. :cry:

Mine was in the $500 range for the front only. Not sure exactly... but it wasn't $800 as mentioned. I'd never pay $800 for front or rear. Nor would I pay $650... or $600.... :lol:

Precision Concepts Rocks!

You just need to get past the nice woman who answers the phone... :lol: sometimes she thinks she's Bob and will tell you (from experience) what you should be doing. :cry: Personally, I'd rather not here it from her and speak to the man himself if I could. I know she's told me something incorrect or "It couldn't be done that way" when it already has been done. :cry: :cry:

All said, great work!! And they're only 15min from me. :cry:

dude, that woman you're talkin about is bob's wife dianne.

i call temecula, butter up dianne on the phone, do whatever she tells me to do and never have any troubles.

i take my 650's suspension to dianne (and bob) and both of my brothers take their crf 450 suspension to dianne (and bob).

awesome people, awesome work.

i hammer my bike every weekend and wouldn't take it anywhere else.

you don't know the girl in el cajon.


well it would probably be a good idea to make a practice out of going to their temecula shop since that's where bob and dianne spend most of their time.

I figured it was his 'wife'...

And don't get me wrong... I don't want anyone thinking I'm saying she's not knowledgeable. She's very knowledgeable and seemingly very into what Bob's doing for the customers.

But when she asks to have you fill out the request/service form (with the riding ability, where you ride...etc), sometimes the additional comments made are not what you'd get from the "creator" of such fine work, namingly Bob or his techs. I think it's more like talking to someone who's "been there done that" kinda thing. I just didn't think his wife has hit whoops at 80+mph and understands just what I'm referring to when speaking "whoop" talk. :cry: I could be 100% worng... you just never know these days! :cry:

I'm not the only one who has noticed... as a few of my friends said the same thing. Not in a derogatory way. But just in conversation.

I respect his wife, and what she does for him, us and the company. I'd also never take my suspension anywhere else but them.

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