Edelbrock problem on XR650R - Help

I have mentioned this problem before but now I have done a little more research both by calling Edelbrock and by tearing the bowl off the carb to have a look see.

The problem is that my fuel shut off valve in the carb sticks closed for no known reason. When this happens I can't even blow through the fuel line to free it up. No it is not the tank that is plugged, fuel flows freely from the tank.

I called Edelbrock about the problem and they were no help whatsoever. They had never heard of such a problem. They did send me a new valve seat and valve thinking that I must have a defective one. So I installed it and did not have trouble for 2 rides (about 60 miles). Then this week I went out to take my BRP on a ride and it died after the bowl emptied, the valve was stuck closed again. This time I took the carb out of the bike and took the bowl off. The bowl did not have any fuel in it and I could see the shut off valve was stuck in the closed position cause the float was not touching the valve and the valve was stuck in the seat. As I tipped the carb from side to side banging the float into the valve it came loose. I then hooked a long fuel line up to the bowl and blew through it which I could now do. So I hooked the fuel line up to a tank and turned it on and watched the bowl fill up until the float shut it off. I emptied the bowl and tried it again all was working fine. I did this 3 or 4 times. I could see no reason for why the valve stuck in the first place. I noticed that there is somekind of black fibre type sponge underneath my float and wonder if it is supposed to be there. It looks like it if begins to break down it will allow fibres to float around the bowl. I left the black fibre material below the float in the bowl and put it back together. Of course the carb is functioning fine now but it has done this before only to jam closed later.

Has anyone dealt with this? Should I have taken that black fibre type spongee material out of the carb bowl or does it act as a cushion for the float? Anyone know what Im talking about? There was no debree in the carb although when I changed out the seat and shutoff valve a very small strand of that black fibre was stuck in the seat causing the bike to leak fuel when I placed it on the kickstand. I would almost rather have it leak when placed on the kick stand than have no fuel at all going into the carb. The leaking problem was present when the bike was running for 2 rides with no other appearant problems. When I changed out the valve and seat it ran for 2 more rides and resumed the valve sticking problem but no more leaking when the bike is placed on the side stand.

As I said right now it acts as if it is fixed but I did not find any thing wrong therefore I did not fix anything.

All these problems developed over the last 3 months. The Edelbrock is 7 months old and had zero problems for the first 4 months of ownership. Im getting very frustrated with this.

Should I have taken that black fibre type spongee material out of the carb bowl or does it act as a cushion for the float? Anyone know what Im talking about?

I know what you're talking about. Most folks leave it in and some remove it. I believe it's there to minimize the fuel from sloshing. Sorry to hear about your problems. My oldest Edelbrock carb is now about 2.5 years old and there's been zero problems and the sponge is still in perfect shape. I have three Edelbrocks on different bikes with excellent results and I'm buying a fourth Edelbrock from another TT member to put on my next XR605R, which will be built for Super Moto fun. I just bought my wheels the other day, but I'm still on the hunt for another bike :thumbsup: I hope your issue is finally resolved.

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