Hmm. How did I manage to forget that????

Took the Wr for a blast down to the shop this morning. Got back and noticed oil pissing out of the output shaft seal.

Pulled the sprocket cover off to find that I'd somehow forgotten to bend over the lock tab :thumbsup: last time I had the front sprocket off, which was about 500km ago. This allowed the sleeve to move outwards causing the oil leak. Replaced the seal as a precaution. Lucky it didnt stuff the spline and the gearbox.

On a better note I bought a Honda (ssshh dont tell anyone!) hourmeter the other day. It has a tach feature built in which I thought was pretty trick. They are probably common place in the US of A, but this is the first one I've seen in Oz.

so the nut around the sprocket lossened off?

bugger, lucky it didn't go to far :thumbsup:

I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that :thumbsup: On my last dirt bike before my 426 (KLX650R), I had to replace all the water pump seals, easy enough right? Well, I finished the job, took the bike out for a good hour or more of thrashing, got home, and as I was taking my gear off, looked at the engine, and noticed that the lower rad' hose didn't look like it was on properly. I walked over to it, and as soon as my finger made contact with the hose, it came off, dumping hot coolant all over the garage. :devil: Some idiot (me) forgot to tighten the hose clamp. Lucky it didn't happen miles from home though.... :awww:

Didnt want to be the only Aussie not to post in this thread.

Didnt want to be the only Aussie not to post in this thread.


talking of aussies I'll take this oppertunity to give the DSP system I have for sale on EBAY a bit of a plug. If anyone is intrsted PM me.

aussie :awww::lol::devil::thumbsup:

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