Maintainance schedule

I just fitted an hourmeter to my WR and checked the YZ manual for recomended maintaiance schedule, but the manual lists it in KM's or 'races' , not hours.

Whats everyones recomendations on oil/filter/valves in terms of hours? The manual says change the oil at 1000km but do the shims at 500km. That doesnt sound right to me :thumbsup:

My average ride is about an hour-hour and a half after work, or longer if I can get away on weekends. My after work rides are about 30-50 kms long, and I change the oil and filter around every five rides, so every 5-8 hours roughly. On average, I guess I change the oil/filter every 200kms. The valve clearances, I have checked around every 500kms or so, always in spec'. The only time i've had to re-shim was after recently fitting the YZ450F cam :thumbsup:

Oil every 3 - 4 hrs, filter every 2nd oil change = a bike that'll go for ever

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