can anyone help me?

Ok, i am still trying to find things to do to my bike to make it have more power. I have a couple of questions for anyone that can help. I have a 2000 WR 400, i have a FMF Q pipe, bigger header, grey wire cut, YZF timing, and i think that is it. Now i have been reading about somethings but i don't really understand any of them. Like a powernow valve, or putting in a 450 cam? can someone please help me or maybe tell me what else i can do for my bike. My brother has a 2002 YZ 250,his bike has a couple of mods but i need to give my bike a little bit of boost before i put him on my list for my next victim. :devil: Can someone help Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

I've tested the powernow unit on my 03 WR. It helps down low but you'll lose just a bit on top, it think it's a worthy mod for enduro/trail riding or racing. I'm sure that Hotcams has a cam for you if you're looking to gain more out of your bike. I see you're running a FMF-Q, great pipe but not the best performing pipe out there, I applaude you for using a quiet pipe. :thumbsup: If you were to put on a PC-ti4 or an FMF racing exhaust you would see a big gain in performance. Sounds to me like you are a perfect candidate for an 05 WR. :devil:

Why do you need more power? I get sick of sitting around a campsite hearing people talk about how they spent thousands on their bikes to power up, after i blew them away on the trails or hills on my stock bike. One word-SKILL. I can't do anything on my new WR450 that I couldn't do on my XR250. I love my new bike and have put a few hundred trail miles on it, but unless i practice i will not get any faster except in a drag race. My brother has a XR 400 and he still kicks my a$$ everytime we go out. I probably have 15 more horse than him, but he corners better, climbs better, picks better paths and generally outpaces me. It is because he is better, not his bike. If you want to get faster, don't spend money, ride with fast riders. Then you will get faster or left behind.

I am officially off my soapbox now. Sorry about the rant.

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