new to the crew

So I plucked the deposit down today for an 05 450f.

I am putting a 756 on the rear and a 773 on the front. But I'm wondering if you guys get bigger rear sprockets for them like most everyone does for the 250's.

I may need to renick to Bipolar_Rider or something. :thumbsup:

you need to save your pennies for a different chain....I can't tell you how many have learned the hard way

Sure I can believe that. The 250f would stretch it's chain in short order. I'm just wondering if anyone goes for a higher tooth sprocket or not.

I went up to a 50 tooth. I wanted to be more in the powerband in 2nd on the track that we ride. It if pretty tight and I was rarely seeing the high end of 2nd and never 3rd. It did the job, however a year later I find myself going faster and pulling 3rd all of the time on the same track.

My suggestion is to ride it stock for a while and then see where you want to be gearing wise then.

Enjoy the new ride! :thumbsup:

As Huggy points out, it will depend on where you ride it. In his case, gearing it down made it match up with his favorite track better. On mine, I went 2 teeth smaller in the rear, making it higher geared. It has the effect of making the spread between gears a little wider, and makes low gear a bit more useful. A lot of YZ450 riders around here raise rather than lower the gearing on the big bike.

Thanks guys. Based on my 250F I figure I have about a week on the stock chain with the 450 before I have to do something. So I should be able to see how it does in that amount of time.

74 Triumph Trident

Now thats a bike! :thumbsup:

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