3 Wires....need help?

YZ426 Motor

they are coming from the oil sending unit or what ever it is next to the front chain sproket....theres a Dark blue W/ White stripe, Red W/ White Stripe, White W/ Small Black lines...kinda like this [-- -- -- -- --] its a stripe with interruptions of black...do I need these wires? :thumbsup:


No, that is the neutral switch. There should also be a sky blue wire, if you trace it up the wiring harness and disconnect the plug you have completed the "blue wire mod" which according to legend increases voltage allowing for easier starting. If you unwrap the harness at the switch you should find that those wires aren't connected to anything, if they are, disregard everything i've said :thumbsup:

So I dont need to hook them up to any thing?...and yah the same place the wires come from there is a light blue wire...so your sayN that I dont need any of them hooked up for the bike to run/run right?

-Paul :thumbsup:

that is what he is saying. Mine has been gone for a long time!! :thumbsup:


is that a sight glass? if so where did you get that and what did it cost?

thanxs so much for the info.....

-Paul :thumbsup:

Dr D sells a site glass. Check out their website.

thanxs a lot....I will have to order it today and might have my bike running today!

Hey Satch, did you notice any difference in starting with that sensor removed? I broke mine trying to remove it and was going to make a block-off plate to replace it, but I was told to keep it because it assists with starting, somehow. Thats a pretty cool sight glass, think Ill have to get one.

Read this :

Blue wire mod

Does not make the bike harder to start if that is your question.

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