XR 650L Question

My friend just got the emissions device removal kit for his'99 XR 650L. If any one has any advice on where to start with the jetting we would appreciate it. Here in Santa Clarita we are at about 2000' elevation, if that matters. Any other advice, such as preferred after market pipe, would also be nice. Thanks in advance

I also live in Santa Clarita.I would wait on re-jetting until you get your pipe(becaause you have to do it all over again).Once you have a pipe ,ballpark jetting is a 165 main/55 pilot/stock needle shimmed .040"/slide holes enlarged to 5/32".

As far as pipes go i have a Procircuit T4 which works great but is way too LOUD.I would probably go with one of the newer Quiet pipes. :thumbsup:

The preferred aftermarket pipe is the stock one! Stealth is worth the added weight and the power increase isn't huge, I hear.

Standard mods, jetting is 55/158. The std mods are better air filter, remove snorkel, shim needle, drill slide.

The emissions crap doesn't affect the jetting.

I'm considering a 650L for my street beater. I live at 4700 feet above sea level. I'm wanting to run a FMFQ on the bike mainly to keep the peace. I have a DRZ 400E for the dirt. So this would be a road even highway bike. jetting and sprocket setup sure would be appreciated. prairiedawg :thumbsup:

MotoChris and XR650LDave, thanks for the info. With me and prairiedawg you have an audience, so more questions. Can you explain about shimmimng the slide and drilling the slide holes? I haven't looked at his carb, but I have a dual sported '94 XR600 that I love and am very familiar with. Are the carbs similar? My XR has a K&N air filter, snorkel removed, 68 pilot and 155 main and an older FMF pipe that is no longer in any catalogs. It looks like a later model Pro-Circuit chrome megaphone pipe, has a supertrapp disc spark arrester end cap system. Also a 50 tooth rear sprocket. My bike flat hauls. He's hoping to get somewhat similar performance.

I kinda disagree with XRDAVE , the pipe really woke up my '03.But i feel guilty riding it away from my garage.I know it's not as loud as the Hardleys around here ,but it does run like a stuffed up Pig with the stock ex. or even the Quiet insert on the pipe(which is nothing more than a welded in washer with a 3/4 " hole-race pipe is 2").Also the gearing makes a big diff. on acceleration.Stock is 15-45 which is fine for the street,but 14-48 is awesome for the dirt.The best compromise iv'e found is 15-48.you can still cruise at 65 on road and it's not too tall for fire roads.Serious trails you can just drop the front to a 14 .Iv'e owned 3 XRL's and did lotsa experimenting,so i know what i'm talking about.(also 3 XR/XL 600's).Also if you do any dirt and want to avoid crashing ,put some decent knobs on (these things are heavy and it makes a big difference. :thumbsup:

good ? Question to anyone just bought a baja kit with a 160&165 jet a new jet pin does not say anything about drilling slide or shimming just to put pin at 3rd knotch screw in jet and go, am i missing something?its a 1999 xr 650L white bros e2 exhaust uni filter all new just going to put the jets in

I bought the Dyno-Jet kit.It comes with a different needle(with that needle you don't drill the slide).It also dosen't come with a pilot jet,which needs to be changed.Go with a 52 for stock pipe ,or a 55 for a aftermarket pipe. :thumbsup:

thanks friend

The dynojet kit is crap, in my opinion. It does work for some, though.

Put a 0.030" washer under the needle (in the slide), and drill the 2 off-center holes in the slide to 5/32". The throttle response gain is large.

Remove the airbox snorkel, go 55/158 jets, grind the tab on the float bowl that keeps you from spinning the pilot screw, put in a better air-filter, and you're a LOT better than stock.

On the exhaust, I've heard that it makes a big diff, and that it doesn't. I'm not after max speed, and depend on the quiteness of then bike to let me get into/out of populated areas.


Yeah,the DJ kit was a waste.I went back to the stock needle shimmed.And i also like quite bikes,but it runs so much stronger with the race pipe i just can't see riding it with the stock set-up.I wish someone could make a quite pipe that delivers big power. :thumbsup:

I also don't ride it around housing developments,i keep the rpm's low until i get it out in the open. :devil:

A quiet thumper pipe requires 2 things-

1) thick metal

2) large volume

the thick metal so the muffler walls don't act like a 'speaker', and the volume so the gas from an exhaust pulse can be captured and released 'slowly'.

I bet that a flowmaster-style muffler could be made for a thumper- maybe someday I'll get to trying it.


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