Will aFMF-Q really make a difference?

I did a search and did not find a difinative answer. My 426 is my street bike. it has the stock muffler,repacked,and it is really loud,REALLY loud.I can get a new in the box(on the shop wall) Q muffler $100 off retail. will it make a noticable difference or will I be throwing 250 bucks down the crapper?

the Q is alot quieter 95.5 db your stocker is about 105.00 the Q would be a great street pipe :thumbsup:

the Q sounds the same as stock at low rpm but is quieter when opened up

A word of caution: the newer Q's meet the 96 dB requirement (IF that's an issue with you). The older design does not. Either way, it should be quieter than stock.

I've got one on my street legal WR, and it makes a world of difference with the noise. Personally, I think it's worth it. :thumbsup:

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