hand guards

Here's the situation. I've got Pro-tapers(1 1/8") bars and plan on adding a Magura Hydraulic Clutch (sourced from SRC) with ASV levers on both sides. Can someone recommend a hand guard setup that will fit? For personal taste, I'd like to stay away from guards that mount to the bar ends. Acerbus makes a guard that looks like it might work but can't find any info as the whether it would mount the fat bars- it looks like the taper on the bars might not shrink to 7/8" soon enough to mount with standard hardware so as to clear all the cables and hydraulic lines- especially the brake line. Any Ideas?

I don't own them yet, but the Cycra Pro Bend triple clamp mount have a very good reputation for being strong where as many other brands bend (Aceris Rally Pro, etc). Call Cycra to make sure they'll fit your application, then find them cheaper on the internet (I've seen them for $89 or less). Then call up the ThumperTalk store and ask for Brian Wilson and he'll sell them to you with the 110% price guarantee :thumbsup:


Acerbis Rally 2 handguards have PLENTY OF ROOM! Order the CR Red ones for an XR650R. They don't come in plain red, but the CR Red looks awesome. Look at the set on Acerbis website... Johnny Campbell is running a set of Rally 2's on that bike. They're lightweight and they're sturdy, too! Just be sure to order the proper mounting kit for your Pro Taper handlebars. Again, there will be plenty of room! Happy riding!!! :thumbsup:

Thanks guys! I'll let you know how it turns out :thumbsup:


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