Rode a YZ250F today

what an awesome bike! love the light weight and the way it turns! feels sharper on the throttle too :thumbsup:

Yep they are a top bike. My friend has one and I love riding it. The only problem is that it runs out of top end on some of the trails. I still love my WR :thumbsup:

When I have the chance, I'll buy a road bike. ONce that is done, I'll probably get rid of the big 426 and trade power for less weight. A 250 F will probably be my choice... Not sure yet because I still haven't had the chance to test one seriously. They are so light. :thumbsup:

wait until 2006....the WR's should have the aluminum frame and be lighter......then you can have the best of both worlds, once you've uncorked the YZ beast within the WR.....

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