RH Footpeg came off...again!

I have to wonder..... 1/8" stock doesn't flex? I betcha this thing will let go over time just like the bolts will if things aren't checked regularly for looseness.......

Biggest sure fire fix, I think, is high grade bolts and a totally flat mating surface between the frame and peg.

A few years back I helicoiled the rear hole, installed a grade 8 engine stud with a nylock nut and threadlocker. I haven't touched it since........


Not sure what 1/8 inch stock you are referring to but I will bet money that I can break any off the shelf bolts off if they are not supported with a fabricated tab within 1 year of riding...and the 650 is my spare bike!!!

Care to take me up on this bet? If the peg breaks and I get hurt, you cover dr bills and my time off work...

If it holds up I buy you 100 sets of the mounting hardware and package it so you can sell it and make money it...

You are loading 2, 10mm bolts in single shear with ENOURMOUS repeating impact loads if you ride hard and fatigue sets in and they break...its as simple as that...the only way to make anything that size hold up is to support it and releive some of the load.


Is this a concern on the L model as well and will the R fix fit if needed?

I might as well get it done before I break more than the peg.


Happened again!!! Right hand bolts of footpeg sheared clean thru over some whoops, fortunately not at the same high speed as the last (painful) time!!!

This has happened 4 times now....and now the frame mounts have become distorted.

Grateful of any assists on how to sort. Have read many different suggestions, but I need the ULTIMATE fix....doesn't do much for the confidence when you are waiting for a high speed off....even when you just tightened bolts...again!!! HELP???

I also went with the Precision Concepts Peg support "thing". (After breaking the peg off 2 times in Baja and once in Glamis)

It's worked for me for a while now... (however, I've been towed more than I've ridden this last year!!!!). It's a simple design, and could easily be fabbed if you've got a mig or itg welder.

... I've read some of the replies... It seems you've got some ideas!

*About the warranty or Honda :) deal... I've even taken pictures of about 20 new XR650s... never ridden, that have the rear fender kicked up and left. American Honda blew me off... and said there's nothing wrong with them. That the fender holes were probably not aligned or the installer just tightened them without aligning the fender! ...I basically got nowhere!



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