Lacing Rims?

I have two blue rims i want to put on my 450 but everybody tells me its to hard to even mess with. Should i even try it or should i take it to an bike shop and spend 200 dollors to do it.

$100.00 is cheap, you'll see what he means if you try to do it yourself. You can do it if you have mechanical ability but it takes a LONG time the first couple of times you do it.. I've done a few but I don't even consider it these days.. Good Luck. :thumbsup:

Yer i had a go last weekend at lacing my front rim, I had to give up and give it to the guys at the shop. I had the spokes positioned correctly but just couldn't seem to get the hub centred in the rim, so when I would spin the rim I could see it moving up and down.

I had to pay for an hours labour, well worth it :thumbsup: next time I have to do it ill just give it to the guys who know what there doing. :devil:

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