XR (Honda) Streettracker conversion??? Anyone got tips?

I've just added a 4th bike to the garage, a drz400, joining my old XR660R, jr's XR200R and my JE pistoned/Dale Walker Holeshotted 130HP Suzy Bandit.

Here's the deal, the drz has put my XR out to pasture, because my XR is street plated and has a ThumperRacing 660 kit and about $1200 of suspension work on it, I decided to Motard it as a "citybike", got spare hubs/rotors/ and two 18" rims laced up. Yeah I know for Motard I shoulda gone 17 and for Dirttrack 19, but it was the Ebay approach.... and finding tires (17 street tires tend to be FAT.. 17/180).

Anyway, I saw an XS650 Streettracker that had been done up off of Omar's website, and I knew Honda actually dirttracked these XR's in the 80's beating Hardley XR's, so now I'm trying to figure out how to Streettrack my XR.

Devol's still has lowering links for this bike, but its minor, I could slide the forks up or get new triple clamps and some of the Omar's tank/seat stuff may fit, but I thought I would throw this out on the board and see if anyone had suggestions?

Low exhaust? Jemco exhaust? Shorter shock? tank/seat/fender stuff other than Omar's?

I know used XS650's are in the $250 to $500 dollar range, but my motor has to be near their output and my motor is strong and I know the bike, make sense???

BTW, going the true flattrack frame route thru C&J or Champion will cost over $2k and is out for this project. This is to be a cosmetic flattracker for streetriding.

Holler back with ideas if you got any.

Just off the top of my head.......

* Mach 1 low exhaust (look in the classified ads in back of Cycle News for photo.)

* Afam dirt-track handlebars

* Call A&A Racing (800)551-7755 for tires. I think Dunlop makes an 18" dirt track tire. Talk to Rochelle.

* Have suspension lowered about 3"

* If you really want it to look cool, take the whole thing apart and have the frame nickel plated.

That's all the ideas I have for now. Good luck. Post pics when you're done.

Sorry I don't have any advice for your ?'s but we do have a little something in common. I just picked a DRZ400 yesterday do to a deal that was to good to pass up & I have a feelin my XR650L will also be going out to pasture. But I will be watching this post since that sounds like a good idea for the XR & I need a street bike now also.

I did need some info on the DRZ also if you don't mind answering a ? on that, since I yet to pick up a service manual & wanted to get the oil change today is there any thing different I need to know. Like with the XR I put 1 qt in then start it for second before adding the rest & how much oil does it hold ? Any info would be cool.

Thanks in advance,


I have a streettracker sitting on my carport. Omars does XR's too. They have the kit you need and it's available form them. it isn't cheap but it's sweet as can be. I have 19's on my XS 650. With a special laced hubs. I need some carbs for mine and it will be dialed. I was a flattracker so it's a natural fit for me. I even raced a XS650 one season. I didn't care much for it but it was fun. prairiedawg :devil::awww::thumbsup:

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